Get more from your rentals with fewer headaches

We'll build and manage a done-for-you property management system; designed for individuals who want to nurture their investments as well as their time.


Property Management is Time Consuming & Challenging.


We understand. You just want to nurture your investment; as well as your time. We’ve built a simple, 3-part framework, and we’ll do all the work for you. Focus on growing your portfolio or spending your time elsewhere.


1. Practice Smart Investing Principles

We'll help you formulate a strategy that is appropriate for your situation. 


2. Practice Smart Screening Principles

We'll help you execute your strategy in a way that reduces risk and aligns with your interests. 


3. Practice Systematic Service

We'll help you build and execute a follow up system so you can manage your portfolio.



I honestly don't listen to a lot of podcasts out there. However, I really enjoy tuning in to hear the Holland & Picht show. It's refreshing to hear real life insight from local leaders.

Chris Bragg